What we do

We provide medical transports for all injuries and patients including neonatal, paediatric, critical care, and burn patients.

At Artesans-ResQ, the mission statement is not just rhetoric; it is the moral guideline that shapes all our decisions. We aim to not only help people in need, but also to make this offer of help effective, sustainable and with human dignity. Our commitment to these principles is reflected in the quality of our work and the long-term relationships we build with communities.

Sustainability and innovation

We strive to develop solutions that go beyond immediate needs and enable long-term improvements. Innovation is key for us to challenge the status quo and find new ways to increase the effectiveness and reach of our mission.

The people at the center

Although we continue to grow and develop, our team remains our greatest asset. We strive to promote a culture of respect, openness and continuous improvement. Each member of our team is an indispensable part of the community which we strive to continue to build.

Through this deep and comprehensive vision, we want to change not only our organization but the entire world for the better. We at Artesans-ResQ are proud to be at the forefront of this significant change.

A global network

Our vision transcends geographical boundaries. We strive to create a global network of dedicated, qualified and passionate professionals in the areas of humanitarian assistance and disaster response. Through collaborations with experts from a wide range of disciplines and specialist areas, we can find interdisciplinary solutions to complex problems and novel issues in international humanitarian aid.

Our Values

In today’s world of change and uncertainty, organizations like ours have an enormous responsibility. We are called not only to provide aid, but also to uphold the highest ethical standards and always treat people in need with respect and humanity. Our organization’s core values are at the centre of our mission and define the way we work.


We understand that every region and culture is unique, and we are committed to adapting to the needs and circumstances of our local countries of operation. This means that we not only respond to changing political and social circumstances, but also take specific cultural and social contexts into account. It is essential for us to continue to work with local communities to understand their needs and perspectives and adapt our response efforts accordingly. This cultural sensitivity and flexibility are essential to be able to act effectively and respectfully in conflict areas and to build trust.


We are independent and proud of it. This independence allows us to act flexibly and efficiently without being influenced by external interests. Our donors and supporters can be sure that their help goes directly to those in need.


We are free from political, religious and ideological influences. Our main focus is helping people in need, regardless of their origin, political opinion or faith.


We attach great importance to impartiality, especially in current conflicts and wars. This means that we focus exclusively on the urgent needs of the people affected by these conflicts, without favouring any political or military party. Our goal is to alleviate human suffering, regardless of origin, political opinion or ethnicity. In doing so, we strictly adhere to international law and the principles of international humanitarian law and work in close cooperation with international actors to ensure that our aid is distributed impartially and neutrally.


Humanity is at the heart of our mission. We are committed to alleviating people’s suffering, preserving their dignity and meeting their basic needs. Our staff and volunteers always act with compassion and respect.

Current state of knowledge

To help effectively, it is essential to always be up to date. We place great emphasis on ongoing training, research and knowledge sharing to ensure our work is based on the best available evidence

These core values guide our decisions and actions and ensure that our work is always consistent with the highest ethical standards. Our mission to promote humanity and help in today’s world is a commitment that we believe will make the world more harmonious and worth living in.