Due to the war, the country and its population endure inhumane conditions. Artesans-ResQ was established to safely transport individuals with severe injuries or illnesses to appropriate medical facilities for further treatment.

FAQ for a quick Overview

General Information and Overview

What is Artesans-ResQ?

Artesans-ResQ is a German non-profit organization (gGmbH) dedicated to humanitarian aid with a focus on emergency and intensive medical care.

What kind of assistance does Artesans-Res Q provide?

Artesans-ResQ offers medical emergency and patient transport services for all types of patients, with a focus on intensive care. Additionally, local healthcare workers are trained in intensive transport.

Where does Artesans-ResQ operate?

Artesans-ResQ operates throughout Ukraine, with the current emphasis on Eastern Ukraine, exclusively in safer areas. The base is located in Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast). Our backoffice is in Lübeck, Germany.

How is Artesans-ResQ funded?

Artesans-ResQ is solely funded through donations and funding.

Who works for Artesans-ResQ?

Our team is introduced here: Our Team

Donations and Support

How can I donate to Artesans-ResQ?

Information about donations is available on our website: Donate

How does Artesans-ResQ use my donations?

Donations are exclusively used for the realization of our project, such as financing medical equipment or consumables to ensure high-quality patient care.

Can I deduct my donations to Artesans-ResQ from taxes?

We are authorized to issue a donation receipt.

Are there opportunities for corporate or organizational support to Artesans-ResQ?

Yes, especially in the field of medical technology, we are interested in collaborations.

Are there opportunities for supporting Artesans-ResQ through in-kind donations?

In-kind donations are also very welcome. As we specialize in transporting intensive care patients, not every type of material can be used, which may be needed by other NGOs. If you are interested in supporting us with in-kind donations, please contact us: Contact

Volunteer Work and Career

Can I volunteer for Artesans-ResQ?

Yes, more information is available here: Volunteer

Can I apply for a full-time position at Artesans-ResQ?

If we need full-time staff, we will advertise it here: Take action

Training Programs of Artesans-ResQ

Does Artesans-ResQ offer training or training programs?

Currently, we offer training for Ukrainian emergency services personnel on intensive transport. The positions are allocated by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

Communication and Engagement

How can I stay informed about the activities and successes of Artesans-ResQ?

Follow us on the following social media channels: [LINKTREE]

Data Protection

How does Artesans-ResQ use my personal data when I donate or register?

Artesans-ResQ respects the privacy of donors and handles personal data with the utmost care. Information received during donations is used exclusively for processing transactions and communicating regarding projects. Personal data is not disclosed to third parties unless legally required or expressly authorized.


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